Meet Your Makers

ERIN (Owner, GamerGoodies4u)

Mom by day, crafter by night. I make all the masks and glassware you see in the GamerGoodies4u Online Store!  In my former life, before Covid 19, I was an event planner. Presently I spend the days taking care of my 5 year old son and spend evenings sewing and crafting, making geeky gamer goodies to help make ends meet. (Fun Fact: I am terrified of Ferris Wheels)

MARLENE (Owner, Dunphy Naturals)
Marlene is Erin's mom, so naturally Erin pulled her into her crazy online geek world. Marlene is a cancer survivor and has an extensive background in Esoteric Studies. She also makes amazing lotions, elixers and other fancy healing stuff. Hey, geeks and gamers need a healing potion from time to time, ya know?

ERIC AND KATRINA (Owners, Cautionary Cutouts)
Eric and Katrina are two of my favorite people. They started Cautionary Cutouts when they purchased a fancy wood cutting machine which they since named 'Bob'. Eric, Katrina and Bob have created some really fun stuff and some truly amazing works of art.